Who are the brains and brilliance behind Gather & Company?


Jenna Limmer and Rochelle Cole are the heart and soul at Gather & Company. We are Wellington passionates, community lovers and gathering enthusiasts. And we just happen to be great friends, who have come together to see beautiful events and delicious feasts all over this gorgeous country.

Together & a part we have been hosting events since we can remember, some big, some small, some with dancing, some with balloons, some with pretty dresses and some with I do’s. And now we take on the adventure of Gather & Company. Along with being wives, mums, sisters, daughters and friends this is one of the best rides yet!

Jenna's Loves -  Good Food // Drinking Tea // Road Trips // Her Cat // Flowers // Creating New Things // Family // A Roaring Fire // Swapping Stories // Hosting Friends // Dreaming Up New Ideas // A Summer Cider // Hunting Out A Bargain // DIY // A Good Pun // Netflix // Dumplings // Midnight Movies

Rochelle's Loves - Coffee // A Glass Of Bubbles // Running // Fresh Flowers // Pedicures // Her Family All Around The Table // New Sheets // Chocolate // Christmas // Hot Sauce // A Home Cooked Roast // Dinner Parties // Love Stories // A Full House // Her Cordless Dyson // Camping // Summer Nights Outside

Contact us on the form below, email or give us a call - we would love to chat!


Rochelle - 022 328 1082

Jenna - 021 861 554 

Photos by Bohemian Simplicity ~ www.bohemiansimplicity.com