Who we are?! What do we do?!

So, it's come to our attention that not many people know what we *actually* do at G&C. Understandably really - we kinda do it all when it comes to events and weddings - ha! I think we have been called a "caterer" more than a wedding coordinator in the last 6 moths, so we thought we need to change that! (Just an FYI - we aren't caterers. Just grazers!)

We thought it's about time to start explaining what we do. Break it down! Tell the people! Share our love for events! So we have now started doing little informative videos of us explaining what we do at Gather & Company. They really are super technical - like a cafe recording with our iPhones - ha. But really, we don't claim to be tech guru's, we are event managers and stylists, so a trustly iphone will just have to do. 

Stick around on social media to hear what we do and what we are up to! 

Here we are recording in the cafe, the Wellington wind and on Jenna's front door step. Weirdos for life.